Rancher 2.0 Ingress pointing to HTTPS backend

I am deploying an application that has an HTTPS endpoint running on port 8443.
When I am trying to expose it to the world using Rancher UI . (Workloads->LoadBalancing->Add Ingress)
I am able to access the endpoint, however it is failing with “The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port”
So far have not been able to find a clear instructions for this type of setup.

I am running Rancher 2.0 with Kubernetes 1.10 and Docker CE 17.03

Thank you for help

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Thank you @vincent. This solved the problem

Hi @rnoob2018,

Which one annotation Did you use? I use a Nginx in front of my Rancher, but the most strange I have the same infrastructure in Alpha and Homolog but that it works. I don’t know which one I must use.

Thank you.

nginx.ingress.kubernetes.io/backend-protocol: "HTTPS"

Worked for me