Rancher 2.1.6 etcd snapshots

Hello everyone,

It seems that the automatic etcd snapshots are not working anymore when we upgraded from rancher 2.x to 2.1.6. I’ve noticed that the snapshot file /opt/rke/etcd-snapshots never got updated lately.
I guess this is due to the way we now proceed to install rancher. We were perviously using rke but this tool seems to be deprecated.

I’m not sure what I should do anymore : when reading the documentation I can see two things which seems contradictory

Should I run the ‘rke up’ command to enable the automatic etcd snapshots on my Rancher 2.1.6 ?
Could that command mess up my setup ? When upgrading rancher I’ve been told NOT to use rke anymore.

Thanks for your help and best regards

Hi waya,

Rke remains the tool of choice to deploy the underlying cluster required by rancher HA… but now helm script do the deployment of rancher server over the resulting cluster instead of using rke add-on.

So once you’ve migrated to the new deployment method… you end with a ranchercluster.yaml that control the underlaying cluster and an helm script that control the rancher deployment…

so yes in my case, in my ranchercluster.yaml, I have the snapshot options set under services:etcd: … and my backup are working…

I could be wrong… i’m not an hardcore rancher 2.x expert… but that is my personal experience…

Hope it help :slight_smile:


RKE is not deprecated. It is actively developed and released (last official release was 2 weeks ago).

We use RKE to provision all of our K8s clusters, even the one that Rancher runs on. All changes to the clusters (add/remove nodes, upgrade K8s version, snapshots) are all configured in the cluster.yml file and all of the cluster configs are stored in Git. I have run rke up on a working cluster, and have not had any negative side effects (you should obviously test on a dev cluster before doing it on a production cluster). If your cluster was not initially provisioned using the RKE command-line, then I can’t say how it would work if you tried to modify a cluster that was not created by RKE.

RKE is not deprecated. Using the add-on to install HA Rancher is, and the supported method as of 2.0.8 is the Helm chart. RKE itself is used inside Rancher to create clusters, and is the supported way to get a cluster to then use Helm to install HA Rancher on.