Rancher 2.5.1/Prometheus-monitoring

I’ve installed rancher 2.5.1, and I am trying to test the new prometheus monitoring. Once of the things I noticed is that after the helm deploy you cannot update the alarmgr config map, what is considered the best way to change the alaramgr config?

Just tested monitoring in 2.5.2 and it’s as buggy as the Cluster Explorer…
I hoped that stable means stable, now I regret the upgrade :frowning:

@Jeff_dambly not sure what you’re referring to with “alarmgr config map”. If you’re referring to the Alertmanager Config Secret and are using Monitoring V2 (installed by Cluster Explorer in 2.5.1), this is stored as a k8s Secret in the cattle-monitoring-system namespace called alertmanager-rancher-monitoring-alertmanager that is only every created and never upgraded or deleted by design. See the note in the CHANGELOG.md of the chart about the Alertmanager Config Secret here https://github.com/rancher/charts/blob/main/charts/rancher-monitoring/CHANGELOG.md.

The best practice for updating the Config is to directly update it via the UI. In 2.5.2, we have new UI fields to be able to update values in that secret without directly updating it (e.g. Routes and Receivers).

The TLDR for why this isn’t done via the Helm values is to prevent a user from having to entirely redeploy monitoring every time they want to make a small change in their config. It’s also to prevent a user who uninstalls monitoring from immediately losing all of their Alertmanager configuration.