Rancher 2.6.0 - Openstack - RKE2 fails to boot nodes


I’m currently trying to setup Rancher 2.6.0 on Openstack (both Rancher and the downstream cluster should run in Openstack) and tried with RKE2.

Unfortunately Rancher fails to boot nodes due to ill-formed PEM file for the cacert property. I’ve noticed that when using RKE1 that property is a multiline while on RKE2 it’s a single line… Maybe that’s an issue.

Also the base image which runs Rancher itself as well as the image used to boot new nodes both contain the root-ca (as well as the intermediate) for our Openstack API endpoint already, seems that Rancher is not considering that. Could I manually add the CA cert to a truststore found by Rancher?


By the way, the same issue exists in Rancher 2.6.4 - I can only get Rancher to boot up instances with the openstack node driver by selecting “unsecure” in the UI.

Anyone else experiencing that or should I open a bug somewhere?