Rancher 2.6.2 Ingress not Working

I’m trying to work out how to get an Ingress working with Rancher 2.6.2. As far as I can see, I have all the pieces in place, but it does not work. Using a Nodeport and directly addressing by IP:Port does work though.

I created a workload with a Cluster IP:

I can see there is an associated Service:

I then create an Ingress. I just made up an SSLIP address since there is no automatic hostname allocation that I can find:

I confirmed that an nslookup of the sslip address resolves correctly, but I get connection refused on the URL.

If I use a nodeport at that same IP it works fine, but I would rather work with an Ingress if I can.

Any suggesstions on how I can diagnose what’s wrong?

Your ingress needs to have a load balancer or a service attached to it.

Then you can redirect your traffic to an external ip address (your ingress) which is then processed.

Create a service for your ingress , then a domain wildcard that will service your domain name …in your example stcsim.sslip.io

Things will flow then