Rancher 2.6 : Error connecting to WebSocket Unable to establish a WebSocket connection to the server

Hi All,

I just installed Rancher one a single node kubernetes for poc purpose.
I have used Netscaler VIP as the hostname.

I have used a minimal cluster.yaml. It looks like below.

  - address:
    user: svc-rancher
    role: [controlplane,worker,etcd]

      interval_hours: 12
      retention: 6

Rancher is up and running. When I try to create new cluster, I am getting the error msg as seen below.

Am I missing any config in the cluster.yaml.? Please let me know.

PS: I tried below option while helm install as per few suggestions, but it didnt work.

--set ingress.extraAnnotations.'nginx\.org/websocket-services'='rancher' \


This is resolved now. Netscaler team enabled websockets.It was disabled by default.

To future readers having the same problem:

This error also may appear if your Rancher server is overloaded and can’t handle the CPU/RAM pressure on the master node.