Rancher 2.6 question about images and volumes

I am trying to migrate from rancher 2.4.x to 2.6.x and have two questions:

1/ Where docker images are now stored ? In the previous configuration I was able to simply type docker images being on node and see all images, containers etc. Now I see only single container and single image running on node

>docker images
REPOSITORY         TAG       IMAGE ID       CREATED       SIZE
rancher/rancher    latest    8318b9b61b32   2 weeks ago   1.58GB

even if some containers are running right now on this node via rancher

2/ How to bind-mount a directory from node ? I set everything properly in pod/container (PV, PVC) it do not take into account path from my node, idk where/what was mounted and where files are saved, but not for example at /home/xxx/shareddir , it’s still empty on node

Looks like changes are sooo huge and this should be 3.x version of rancher :smiley: