Rancher(2.7.0) and Harvester(1.1.1) disintegrating after 60 days is desired?

Dear readers,

I’ve been using Rancher-manager (single docker) for the past 3 years and have since harvester-1.0.3 started to use as it’s hypervisor. I noticed since around 6 months ago it starts to fall apart. Usually after 60 days (can’t be a coincident). Creating cluster using RKE2 and harvester seem to never find their bootstrap/url. Below is a typical error message. Usually it takes around 60 days with rancher-manger 2.7.0 and harvester 1.1.1.

Non-ready bootstrap machine(s) blue-blue-controlplane-55b86dc8dc-b9p6p and join url to be available on bootstrap node

also using Digital ocean…

Anybody similar experience or a possible hint/solution for this ? I do have a support bundle zip for anyone who’s interested.