When will rancher v1.2 be released?

We are still on 1.1.0 and the subsequent versions just fix kubernetes issues…since we use cattle only it is not worth it. I am just waiting for the 1.2 release instead.

I wonder when will the rancher version v1.2 be released approximately. I thought it was meant to be ready in September.

1.2 has always been targeted for end of October.

There are some small fixes related to cattle. Specifically off the top of my head, we fixed if you try to remove a host that is stuck in reconnecting due to the network agent being stuck in restarting, it would be blue to be removed.

I assume now it’s end-ish of October. :slight_smile:

How’s the time line looking. I too am waiting for this release before I upgrade, so I’m just wondering.

looks like 50% of the issues targeted for milestone v1.2 are resolved.
great to see so much done. however it still looks like a long way to go if rancher wants to follow the plans.
from the github pulse stats looks like Rancher dev team closes in average 50 issues per week = 200 per month.

My optimistic guess is that it will take 1 month more to finish entire milestone 1.2.

Maybe Rancher has other plans for this 1.2 release?


Will there be any docs detailing the upgrade path to 1.2? My biggest concern is moving to the 1.2 release and not catching some backwards incompatible change.

I’m already running a 30 hosts cluster in semi-production. So I won’t bother upgrade my current rancher. Instead, I can create a new one, probably using the galera cluster hosted on my first rancher cluster. Not sure if that works.