Rancher 2.7.1 + EKS Custom nodes?

I’m experimenting with using Rancher to manage an EKS cluster and am struggling with setting up the node groups that I want. In the cluster configuration m6a type EC2 machines are not available, so I initially set up a launch template with that machine type chosen, but left all of the other settings at defaults. This works but has nodes with a root file system of 20Gb.

I’d like to choose gp3 EBS at 30Gb (or some other value), but this requires me to choose an AMI in the launch template and when I do so (choosing the same AMI that other nodes end up running with their default settings) the nodes never successfully join the cluster.

So what I’m trying to figure out is:

  1. Is there some way Rancher UI for adding EKS nodegroups can make m6a instances available in the list so I don’t have to create launch templates manually?
  2. (maybe more of an EKS question): what could I be doing wrong with my custom launch templates that prevents them from joining the cluster?


Just wanted to bump this for visibility, thanks!