[Solved] Managing EKS cluster with on-prim rancher

I have on-prim rancher 2.2.3, and followed these steps to add EKS cluster:

In Rancher web-UI, I see EKS cluster created and in Active state.
In AWS console, I see EKS cluster created, and 3 - EC2 nodes created.

However, when I deploy a workload rancher/hello-world (or any workload), I am getting this message: “No nodes available to schedule pods”

Then, in rancher when I select the EKS cluster click on Nodes, I do not see any (even though EC2 nodes were created).

So, what am I missing here?
This is my 1st time working with Rancher and EKS, so I do not know what I am missing?

Thank you for your time,

I figured this out; I made a mistake with using private IPs and did not have VPC & Subnet setup that allow instances to access the internet. Once that was setup, everything worked… While troubleshooting one time, I picked public IPs, which helped me with figuring out what was the real issue.