Rancher 2.7.3 Continuous Delivery Missing

I have a new rancher 2.7.3 instance and do not see the Continuous Delivery item. I have verified that the continuous-delivery feature flag is enabled - I’ve disabled and re-enabled it and still do not see Continuous Delivery.

No Continuous Delivery option in menu:

The continuous-delivery feature flag is enabled:

Any help or advice would be appreciated!

@drad Hi, I have it running here, now I have git installed on the rancher host, perhaps that is missing…

Screenshot from 2023-05-24 09-53-35

Hi @malcolmlewis1, I have git installed on the rancher host (git version 2.36.6). FWIW, my rancher host is Alpine linux.

@drad I’m running OpenSUSE MicroOS here and installed via a standard helm install on K3s same version as your setup now on the K3s install I disabled psp.

thanks again @malcolmlewis1, your comment on k3s reminded me that I’m on rke1 instance (installed via docker). I’ve seen several topics here about continuous delivery missing (all with older or migrated instances), not sure if they are rke1 instances or not.

I was originally on Alpine 3.16 and upgraded to 3.17 which did nothing for the missing Continuous Delivery page. I then upgraded to Alpine 3.18 (and rebooted) and I now have the Continuous Delivery menu item.

Hopefully this will be helpful to others.

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