Rancher 2.7.6 with downstream cluster RKE 1.24.17 need to update rke-tools to v0.1.92

Dear Rancher Community,

I have a the following setup :

Rancher 2.7.6 on K3S and a downstream cluster RKE1 using v1.24.17-rancher1-1 Kubernetes Release.

In these release it use the rancher/rke-tools:v0.1.90 in the system images

I need to update to the 0.1.92 rke-tools image as it contains the following fix to support dual stack Ipv4/Ipv6 support to cri-dockerd ( Add dualstack flag if multiple CIDR are configured by superseb · Pull Request #163 · rancher/rke-tools (github.com))

Can i directly update the system image in the cluster yaml ? what is the best practice ?

Thank You

Best Regards,