Latest Rancher NGINX images information

Dear Team,

Please can someone help here and I would like to know what is the latest Rancher Nginx Images and pls do share the N-1 Rancher Nginx image information for RKE v1.2.3 that is running on VM.

Currently nginx/1.20.1 is running on Prod and Lower env.

Appreciate if this can be shared quickly.


Dear Team,

We are running production with rancher/nginx v1.20.1 currently however we would like to upgrade rancher/nginx v1.21.6 from rancher/nginx v.20.1. So please suggest is this fine to proceed? will it impact the system after successful upgrade?

Currently RKE v1.2.3 version being used.

Kindly share your thought on this.


RKE v1.2.3 is very old, which means you are probably running k8s v1.19.4-rancher1-1. This version is way out of support, has several critical bugs, and is EOL. Kubernetes | So you should upgrade ASAP. I did a Master’s class on this topic which can be found at Kubernetes-Master-Class/rancher-k8s-upgrades at main · mattmattox/Kubernetes-Master-Class · GitHub.

But to answer your question, two ways of upgrading ingress-nginx come with RKE.

Option A) Upgrade your cluster with a newer version of RKE (we are currently at v1.4.5). NOTE: You should not jump directly to this version. You plan your upgrade using the process above in the master’s class.

Option B) Manually edit the deployment and bump the image. This works for minor version changes. For example, going from rancher/nginx v1.21.6 rancher1-1 to -2. The problem you are going run into is the ingress-nginx is integrated into k8s meaning as you upgrade k8s, you need to upgrade ingress-nginx. This is because there are API changes between versions, so RKE, RKE2, and k3s all ship with an ingress controller that makes the k8s version.

Again, you need to upgrade your cluster. Without looking at your cluster, it’s hard to build a complete upgrade plan, but the basic idea would be to go from 1.19 → 1.21 → 1.23 → 1.25.

You should review the migration guide and update your resources before upgrading. Deprecated API Migration Guide | Kubernetes.

Thanks a lot … this helps…

I came across a situation where I realized that I am running an outdated version of RKE (Rancher Kubernetes Engine) and the ingress-nginx controller. The version I have (v1.2.3) is no longer supported and has critical bugs. It is clear that I need to upgrade as soon as possible to ensure stability and security. While I found a Master’s class on upgrading RKE and the Kubernetes cluster, I have a specific question: Are there any known compatibility issues or considerations to keep in mind when upgrading from RKE v1.2.3 to the latest version, such as potential conflicts with existing configurations or incompatibilities with certain Kubernetes resources?

I’m dealing with an upgrade challenge in my RKE v1.2.3 environment where Nginx version 1.20.1 is running across production and lower environments. I am eager to transition to the latest Rancher Nginx version to leverage new features and security enhancements. I’m facing uncertainties regarding the compatibility of the latest Nginx version with RKE v1.2.3.