Rancher 2 with vsphere – deploy nodes from vmware template with multiple partitions

Hi all,

We are using Rancher 2.4.8 on our on premise vmware 6.7 environment.
For persistent containers we want to use Longhorn on dedicated disks.
We created a vmware template with 2 disks, one for the os and one for longhorn, they are both on different datastores.
However when we deploy a kubernetes cluster using this vmware template both disks are put on the datastore defined in our vsphere_config paragraph :

vsphere_config {
cfgparam = [“disk.enableUUID=TRUE”]
creation_type = “template”
clone_from = “/Genk - HQ Datacenter PRODUCTION/vm/Kubernetes/RancherCentOSv4-Template”
datacenter = “/Genk - HQ Datacenter PRODUCTION”
datastore_cluster = “/Genk - HQ Datacenter PRODUCTION/datastore/DC01-General”


Both OS and longhorn disks are created inside the datastore_cluster defined above while the vmware template had the longhorn disk configured on a different datastore.
Is it possible to put the OS and seperate partitions on different datastores during deployment ?

kind regards !