Using Rancher 2 to Deploy Kubernetes clusters on vSphere means RancherOS boots from CD ISO


I’ve just started to explore some of the features of Rancher 2.x.
I’ve got an HA Rancher 2.x cluster up and running (using a 3 node CentOS config) and now using this cluster to spin up further k8s clusters targeting a VMware vSphere 6.7 vCentre cluster.

I notice that each k8s node is being deployed on VMware with RancherOS booting from ISO.

How would the deployment template be modified so that each node in the k8s cluster could be booted off a small persistent disk instead as part of the deployment process?

I understand that I could manually install RancherOS on a persistent disk on each node and then I could use a customer k8s cluster type, but this adds extra levels of complexity to what is otherwise a very smooth process.

The reason for this is because permanent booting from CDROM may conflict with some of the policies on some of our vSphere clusters.

What would be great is there was an option of; "boot RancherOS from CD: Y/N, with default of Y”, at the provisioning UI stage. If the response was N, then a 1GB VMDK could be added to the VM and the RancherOS image deployed into it or similar.

thanks a lot!