Rancher Catalog and upgrade_strategy

My goal is to use Rancher Catalog entries to update my stacks.

I have been doing service level upgrades via the gui and setting the Batch Size and Batch Interval to something reasonable (30 seconds) so that the containers shutdowns are spaced apart long enough for services to start as it iterates through the containers.

These options are not present in the gui when I do a catalog upgrade.

I have noticed a reference to upgrade_strategey in the rancher-compose.yml options. The option listed in the documentation is start_first, but I dug around in the code and saw references to batch_size and interval_millis. Will setting these options control the service upgrade?

example of upgrade_strategey in rancher-compose.yml?

  scale: 1
    port: 5672
    interval: 10000
    unhealthy_threshold: 2
    request_line: ''
    healthy_threshold: 2
    response_timeout: 2000
    strategy: none
    batch_size: 1
    interval_millis: 30000
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