Rancher Catalog multiple answers like the mapping in the load balancer

I have created a custom catalog containing an API gateway and would like to be able to link a variable amount of services to it from the UI, all on a different listen path (just like the mapping config of the rancher haproxy service).
Is there a way of having a set of questions which can be multiplied (e.g. an “Add” button to duplicate the set of questions) and return the answers as an array?

If not, is it possible to extend the UI with custom question types?

There is not currently a way to do this… the answers ultimately turn into environment variables, so it’s not clear how arrays would be represented. The closest I can think of that you can do right now is type: multiline, which will give you a <textarea> that you can at least put multiple lines into.

Hi Vincent, thanks for clearing that up. I have indeed opted for a multiline field for now.

I just submitted a feature request which outlines how it could be implemented.