Are there plans to add a Service Catalog Feature


In your UI, do you plan to provide an option for Service Catalogs , In my used case Many users may just want to launch same application with Multiple Tiers. Would be helpful to have a single click deploy such requests with a preconfigured Service from a Catalog.


I think we have the same or similar use-case… but I did not get what you mean by multiple tiers.

As for the catalog, I’d work with you to build it, if you’d like. There was a discussion on this in the issues, here it is:

Other people planning to use Rancher as the back-end of a hosting provider, I’d really like to hear from ya :)!

Thanks for the response Jacob, The Multi Tier application in our case is a similar to a the Stack in Rancher Web, App and DB Tier .

The Service Catalog would have individual services or entire Stack as a single click deployment choice for the services.

In our used cases we have Mesos/Openlava Master and Execution Nodes with Number of Execution nodes that can scale from 4- 40 and get deployed using a set of ansible scripts today