Rancher CLI vs Rancher-compose

What are the main differences between Rancher CLI (beta) and rancher compose tool?

In the documentation I can read :

The Rancher Compose tool works just like the popular Docker Compose and supports the V1 version of docker-compose.yml files.

Does it means that in v1.4.1 of rancher and its “version 2” of docker-compose, we have to use Rancher CLI instead of Rancher Compose ?

Thank you

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I am curious too. What is preferred way how to manage Rancher from CLI?

Both support compose v1 and v2 syntax. Rancher-compose deals only with stacks and services, the newer CLI has almost all the same functionality and does hosts and other things too. Once the last few missing things have been addressed or deprecated, rancher-compose itself will be deprecated.