[Pre-release Build] Release v1.2.0-pre2

Release v1.2.0-pre2


New Features (since v1.2.0-pre1)

  • Experimental: Rancher CLI v2 [#1275] - Rancher now ships with an initial preview of a new CLI that includes additional functionality for managing your Rancher platform beyond managing your compose templates. During the experimental phase, this new CLI will be separate from the default rancher-compose CLI until v1.2.0 goes GA. The list of features include but are not limited to:

    • Native Docker CLI interactions to your managed hosts
    • Environment management
    • Stack management
    • Host management
    • Service management
    • SSH access to host

    Note: CLI args and output may change until v1.2.0 is released.

  • Compose v2 Support, Part 1 [#3973] - Compose v2 support for Rancher will come in two parts. Part 1, as part of this release, will support the “services” syntax. Part 2 will include support for “volumes” and “networks” and will be available in a subsequent pre-release. Along with compose v2, Rancher will continue to support v1 syntax.

  • Catalog now supports branching [#4861] - Rancher catalog now supports the ability to configure to use branches rather than the default “master” branch.

Known Major Issues

Major Bug Fixes since v1.2.0-pre1

  • Fixed an issue where non-ascii characters were not being handled correctly in compose yml files [#5342, #5414]
  • Fixed an issue where too many Route53 calls would cause AWS to throttle commands [#4596]
  • Added AWS VPC/Subnet names to the AWS host add wizard [#5285]
  • Fixed an issue with k8s where pods were being added to services even across namespaces [#5215]
  • Fixed an issue with Rancher LB to now include the X-Forwarded-Port/Host header to support websockets [#5152]
  • Fixed an issue with the Route53 template to check for valid HostedZoneId and Hosted zone name [#4582]
  • Added transition messages to the Stack view to show progress on Stack state [#5726]

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