Rancher cluster agent failure scenarios running on vSphere

Nodes Hosted by an Infrastructure Provider

Using Rancher, you can create pools of nodes based on a node template. This template defines the parameters used to launch nodes in your cloud providers. The cloud providers available for creating a node template are decided based on the node drivers active in the Rancher UI. The benefit of using nodes hosted by an infrastructure provider is that if a node loses connectivity with the cluster, Rancher automatically replaces it, thus maintaining the expected cluster configuration.

Does anyone have any experience with this scenario when running on vSphere and is there for forced to use DHCP. As I see it, nodes within a cluster would be recreated by Rancher Mgmt if cluster agent dies or loses connectivity.
Then the nodes would be recreated and then get a new IP since they would get a new mac address.

I hope someone will be able to come with some feedback on this

Regards, Marcus