Nodes not getting customized when creating VMWare cluster

I am new to Rancher so maybe I’m missing something obvious. All of the walk-through and documentation seem very straightforward, but nothing mentions defining networking on nodes. Is DHCP required for the network that nodes are on?

I installed Rancher 2.6 on Docker running on Ubuntu 20.04 in VSphere cluster. I configured credentials to connect to VCenter and created a template that uses an ubuntu 20.04 cloud image.

When I create a cloud image, the VMs get created, but they don’t appear to get any configuration. They don’t seem to get an IP address. If the password is getting set to something, I don’t know what it is, so I can shell in and see what is going on.

Please give me a hint. None of the docs mention DHCP but I’m sure this must be what is missing.