Rancher compatibility with Docker compose 1.5

Hi Rancher community,

This is my first query about Rancher, I would like to know whether Rancher has support for Docker compose 1.5 (release date 3rd Nov 2015) out of the box.
Docker compose 1.5 has an experimental networking feature (enabled by --x-networking) with docker-compose. This feature also solves the circular import problem / need of ambassador pattern in docker clusters.
Please let me know, does Rancher compose have support for --x-networking flag ? If yes, how to use it ?


Have you looked into Rancher-compose? This is how Rancher uses docker-compose.yml and translates them into a Rancher setup. http://docs.rancher.com/rancher/rancher-compose/

We aim to have rancher-compose to have feature parity with docker-compose, but rancher-compose is based on docker/libcompose. I don’t believe libcompose has the experimental features. Libcompose is just a go implementation of compose (which is written in Python).

What exactly are you trying to solve?

Rancher-compose allows circular links within Rancher either directly (A -> B & C, B -> A & C, C -> A & B) or in directly (A -> B, B -> C, C -> A).

The ambassador pattern is not really needed in general in Rancher… Links can be changed on running containers/services and you can also create “alias” services (without running any socat containers, on Docker 1.6+).