Roadmap for Docker 1.10/Compose 1.6

Docker 1.10 and Compose 1.6 were release today and Compose introduces a new file format.
One of the leading sealing points for Rancher for me when dealing with clients is that a single docker-compose.yml file can be used to run both locally and submitted to the Rancher cluster to run.

What are the plans for supporting the new file syntax (
Are there also any plans to support the new network and volume sections of the file (not quite sure how that would work with Rancher’s networking and storage systems).


Would be great to get the new Docker 1.10 network features with Rancher / RancherOS.
Following here…

Ditto. The new file format is quite powerful. When will Rancher support it?

Add in the ability to define networks on the fly, and I just realized it is really important to us

RancherOS w/ Docker 1.10 should be released this week (cross your fingers). RancherOS always support all of Docker’s features so 1.10 network will work fine there.

For Rancher we will be adding the 1.6 compose v2 format shortly. There is a lot of question on our side of what “networks” really mean in the context of Rancher. It will take a bit longer to sort that out. Unfortunately the Docker “network” concept does not align with what many users think a network is, but it is really more focused on service discovery. From a design perspective we are still struggling with that.

Volumes in 1.10 haven’t really changed, except the new compose format, so they will work fine in Rancher.

Routed networking and static assigned ip addresses are great and needed features.

Rancher should support docker networking, but could also use the own network solution / plugin. Routed subnet feature should be added.

Tested docker 1.10 by deploy the rancher docker image and an upgraded RancherOS to the lattest dev / prerelease and it works fine (native docker networking).