Rancher-compose & api keys

Hi Rancher community,

I try to get provision a project using rancher-compose. Using a user key results in the following error message:

Failed to open project XXX: Can not create a stack, check API key [token-pvfzd] for [https://rancher_url/v3]? Failed to read project: Can not create a stack, check API key [token-pvfzd] for [https://rancher_url/v3]

checking google, i saw you need to rather need to create an environment api key via API: https://rancher_url/v3/apikeys
However, this url does not exist…
Resources -> API Keys in the UI also seems to have vanished…

Any ideas?

rancher-compose does not work in in v2.0. You must do things the kubernetes way. The closest equivalent to rancher-compose in 2.0 is Helm or raw Kubernetes yaml files + kubectl apply -f <file.yaml>

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Am I wrong you promised v2 will have support for docker-compose.yml, because it was one of the most loved feature of Cattle?

There is undocumented Rancher CLI up command in v2.0.4-rc1.
Rancher up is not document in https://rancher.com/docs/rancher/v2.x/en/cli/
Is it intends to run old rancher-compose file? If not and only Helm and raw Kubernetes yaml files available in command line. How you going to work around this issue? https://github.com/rancher/docs/issues/278
That discourage people to use Rancher UI

Rancher CLI, managing containers one UTF-8 character at a time
Usage: rancher [OPTIONS] COMMAND [arg…]

Version: v2.0.4-rc1
–debug Debug logging
–help, -h show help
–version, -v print the version

apps, [app] Operations with apps
catalog Operations with catalogs
clusters, [cluster] Operations on clusters
context Operations for the context
inspect View details of resources
kubectl Run kubectl commands
login, [l] Login to a Rancher server
namespaces, [namespace] Operations on namespaces
nodes, [node] Operations on nodes
projects, [project] Operations on projects
ps Show workloads in a project
settings, [setting] Show settings for the current server
ssh SSH into a node
up apply compose config
help, [h] Shows a list of commands or help for one command