Unable to create stack in Rancher

Dear Helper,

To start with, i’ll give you overall view on environment setup that have for CI/CD pipeline.

I’ve Jenkins which is running as docker container on Redhat server. In Jenkins, i’ve configured the job with list of command to built the application package and after trying the deploy the docker container through Rancher-Compose. Below I’ve pasted the exact command used for automation.

rancher-compose --url http://rancher.mycompany.com/v1/ --debug -p testproject --access-key XXXXX --secret-key XXXXX create

But it throws some error which unable to get the information from public forums.

#rancher-compose -v
rancher-compose version v0.8.6

DEBU[0000] Environment Context from file : map[]
DEBU[0000] Opening compose files: docker-compose.yml
DEBU[0000] Opening rancher-compose file: /var/jenkins_home/workspace/meyypipeline/rancher-compose.yml
DEBU[0000] [0/1] [gateway-api]: Adding
ERRO[0000] Failed to open project testproject: Failed to find schema at [http://rancher.mycompany.com/v2-beta/]
FATA[0000] Failed to read project: Failed to find schema at [http://rancher.mycompany.com/v2-beta/]

So I thought of trying the same in manually on redhat server instead of Jenkins, it’s working fine as expected.
In another way, I get into Jenkins container and execute the same command w/o any changes, unluckily it’s not working. Hence am believing there’s something makes me to dig more into that…

Can you someone throw more lights on this? Thanks in advance!!