Rancher-compose doesn't care about "volume_driver" option

Hi all,

i’ve installed convoy version on one of my hosts configured to use the devicemapper and tested it with plain “docker run” and from the rancher ui: all works as expected. The issues arises when using rancher-compose, which unfortunately will be the preferred way to setup stacks. I’ve encountered the following two problems:

  1. named volumes are ignored and treated as they be classic bind mounts. Ive already found an issue on this. It’s very terse, but at least it’s a start;

  2. the “volume_driver: convoy” is ignored and the volumes are always created with the “local” volume driver, which is the embedded one.

rancher compose has version 0.8.1

Am I doing something wrong? Any clue?

It looks like you’ve commented on this issue, https://github.com/rancher/rancher/issues/4786, which has been fixed in the next version of rancher-compose.

As for the volume-driver one, I was unable to reproduce in our latest rc of rancher-compose which has the named volume driver issue fixed. v0.8.2-rc1. I’ve been able to successfully launch services with volume_driver: convoy-gluster.

Hi Denise,

good to know, thanks… I’ll do a test myself and then I’ll update the binaries linked inside rancher ui…

It works indeed… thanks again