Rancher Container Names not visible in Prometheus


I am performance test of my application. I am using prometheus to track various aspects of it.
For some reason io_rancher_container_name variable is missing in container metrics coming from ranch-eye.

e.g. container_fs_io_current{device="/dev/mapper/docker-202:1-377487554-a8177407c546c84c18b9fff7f8d5c85b129d8b87ed50486ebe09c5198a9fca32",id="/",instance=“”,job=“container_metrics”}

This particularly hurts when I try to track memory usage per container container_memory_usage_bytes.

What am I missing? Which part of the grafana/monitoring stack from catalog is responsible to injecting those labels, other missing are e.g: io_rancher_stack_name.

I am using following labels for ranch-eye: