Prometheus Stack without CAdvisor

It came to my attention today that the next minor release of rancher (1.2.0) will no longer include cadvisor: I’m just wondering whether or not there will be any type of replacement service for container monitoring. I use the prometheus stack from the rancher catalog, which makes use of the cadvisor statistics exported by each node and I’m assuming this will be impacted when I upgrade.

We will still have container stats.

Container stats will now be coming from docker stats and we will be using a packge call to collect host-level info.

How are you using container stats?

in some ways it a pitty for those would build tool on top on cadvisor for rancher.
in another wat, it’s pretty more “upstream” to use docker stats or so i think.
it will also ease further integration with other monitoring tools which does already use docker stats

We are also using the current cadvisor stats to feed into Prometheus for container monitoring. It would be great if whatever replaced it provided a Prometheus “/metrics” endpoint for scraping container stats.