Rancher dashboard integration


does anybody know if there is somewhere an example or documentation for the rancher dashboard integration of own applications? I mean similar to the longhorn-ui in rancher dashboard. It seams to use a proxy connection but how the .#$!.. did they get it into the dashboard. :face_with_monocle:


Or something similar to the Continuos Delivery views would be nice too.

Any help appreciated,

“They” is us, it’s just built in to the dashboard.

There is no current mechanism for defining your own products at runtime.

Ahh, OK, thank you Vincent. :slight_smile:
I was hopping only some kind of manifest needs to be deployed to let rancher display it in the dashboard… Would be a very useful feature to put all administrative apps in one place.

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Yes, coming eventually…

Probably as CRD like the ClusterRepos etc. :slight_smile:

apiVersion: catalog.cattle.io/v1
kind: ClusterApplication
    field.cattle.io/description: Yet another config

I like the idea to put all the configuration things at one place with RBAC already in place instead to reinvent the wheel over and over again… :+1:

We are familiar with CRDs :slightly_smiling_face: