Rancher downloading from domain name not IP?

Hi Guys,

This has been bothering for too much time now and It doesn’t really make any sense to me.

I have rancher server and instance running both on the same Amazon EC2 instance.
I recently wanted to put on an application load balancer for https.

It works fine but rancher stops working once I activate the load balancer on the domain name.
Looking at the cattle logs I see it tries to download ipsec-tables from a certain url.

www.mydomain.co.uk:8080/etc etc etc

Then it causes an error and keeps looping forever.
This causes rancher to be unusable in terms of upgrading containers, as far as I have tested.

I actually want it to look at the IP:8080. In the settings it is already set to look at IP and I couldn’t find anything online
None of the settings allow me to change his behavior of the download location of the url.

It might try to use the domain name that was probably used once long ago for other things too, but I haven’t seen that yet.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.