Rancher EBS Reuse Volume Names / 500 Error

I’m having some problems with the rancher-ebs driver. I can create volumes just fine, but if I delete a volume and try and create a new one with the same name I get a 500 error.

Steps to reproduce:
1: Create a new volume via the Rancher UI / name = ‘foo’, size = ‘10’, volumeType = ‘gp2’
2: Attach that volume to a new stack / external = true
3: Delete that stack
4: Delete that volume from Amazon
5: Create a new volume exactly as in 1, name = ‘foo’
6: Attach that volume to a new stack / external = true
7: Experience error

(Failed to allocate instance [container:1i580]: Bad instance [container:1i580] in state [error]: /VolumeDriver.Attach ‘cemai-wordpress’ (driver ‘rancher-ebs’) returned status 500: 500 Internal Server Error)

8: Re-evaluate my life

I have checked the API to see if there are any settings carrying over from the previous volume with no luck.

Any ideas?

Edit 1: looks like it’s also happening when I provision a new host as step 4.5.

Edit 2 [disregard, this was a separate config issue]: Trying to create volumes by the same name with the EFS driver throws the error that the volume name already exists, even after it is deleted and no longer listed in the Rancher storage UI for any volume type. (It’s also deleted from AWS.)

Hi Matti,
Could you please try the latest EBS driver that is available in Rancher 1.6? We fixed several bugs around EBS and add scheduling improvements.

I can confirm that it is indeed resolved with Rancher 1.6 and the latest EBS drivers. Much appreciated!