Rancher-ebs versus convoy-ebs

I am a newbie on rancher .
But i am little bit confuse on the ebs service delivered into rancher 1.3.x

On the catalog i see that Rancher-ebs is available and certified.
I try it to create EBS volume and attach it to a cattle service (scale=1)

It work fine, but with some prerequisites:
1 - under “Infrastructure>storage”, i need to declare each volume name (ex : volume1) with a optional key “size” which is the desired size of the EBS volume (ex: size=16)
2 - under the service, i add the volume associate to the container volume path (ex: volume1:/var/lib/mysoft
3 - once the service is “active” , i see under AWS console, that a new volume “volume1” has been created with size 16GB, and attached to the EC2 node, where the “service” is “active”

Ok, now the issues that i meet:

  • if i try to change the node of the service, I get an error because the volume1 is attached to the current node. To solved it i go to the AWS console and force to dettach volume1. After a time, the service is “active” on the new node and volume1 reattached on it. But why rancher-ebs is not able to do it itself ?
  • another issue is about “snapshot”. Under API of the volume1 i see that “actions” regarding snapshot are not available.
    Do you l know why i cannot make snapshot ?

Finally, my last question :

  • i found lot blog on convoy-ebs but not on rancher-ebs. But convoi-ebs does not appears on the catalog. Why ? Is it depreacated ?

Hi all
Am i the only one in the world to have tested rancher-ebs?

Hi all,
Just to update you about my tests.

Regarding the move on a single service with EBS volume:

I discover that if i stop the service , and delete the associated container, then rancher-ebs service automatically dettach the EBS volume from the EC2 .

After that, i can easly move the service to another node… Cool !

But nothing about how to activate “snapshot” throwght rancher API …