Rancher EKS, can't create LB

Trying to access my workloads running in Rancher 2 on an EKS cluster. No matter what I try, the LB never provisions. I’ve tried layer-4, and layer-7. They either get stuck in Pending or in Initializing.

The layer-4 that is stuck in Pending has the transition state of “Provisioning load balancer”, but no progress is ever made. I’ve confirmed that the IAM role that is applied to the EKS nodes has full elasticloadbalancer permissions. I also see no guides for setting up LB within EKS.

When I edit the cluster I do see the warning: Note: Currently Amazon EKS will not create an ingress controller when launching a new cluster. If you need this functionality you will have to create an ingress controller manually after cluster creation.

But again, attempting to create an ingress controller results in pending or initializing forever.

Also, I had Rancher Server itself setup the EKS cluster, so any ports, or permissions should have been set correctly by Rancher.


Wow, no response on this. Any luck or workarounds?

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I have exactly the same behaviour which is quite frustrating! I have set my subnets to use NAT gateways, could this be the issue?

I have no loadbalancers created in EC2 at all? But also no errors either, just perpetual pending / initalizing…

Where is best to look to debug?