Rancher expert needed

Hi I need to discuss details about rancher how it works and all that. Can anyone provide me some related to how it works.


I am having some issues in rancher server. One of the old developer have setup the rancher and I don’t have good understanding of rancher. Can you locate the problem. I have tried to contact rancher support as well. Site is down for couple of days because of it. So if you can help me it would be great.

@Muhammad_umair_shams In order for any of us to assist you, you need to give more detailed information on your issue. The community and github are great resources for questions on our open source project.

Rancher server version, Docker version, OS type, how is your Rancher set up. With those initial questions answered, then can you provide more information on what exactly is broken?

On the stacks page, do you have services that are red/yellow state? For the broken stack, can you share your docker-compose.yml to provide more information on how your stack is set up.

Or if you are really new to Rancher, share a screenshot of your stacks page.

Have you looked at FAQs on things that might be broken? We cover many basic issues that people face like cross host communication, common load balancer issues and many more.

Also if you’re interested in setting up a support agreement, please let me know.