Rancher external DNS docker ip instead of rancher host


I have been playing around with https://github.com/rancher/external-dns and the information in this post.

The automatic configuration for Route53 is working. And I also have direct access to my container ip’s inside the rancher network.

Is it possible to configure or change rancher/external-dns to add container ip’s instead of host ip’s to Route 53 ?

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Jeffrey Schilperoord

No, there is no way to configure/change it to use container IPs instead of host IPs. I’m not sure why you would want to use container IPs. Could you elaborate why you are trying to do this?

The external DNS is to be able to have a fqdn for a service that you can point to and not worry which host the containers are actually deployed on within the service. The container IPs are an internal overlay network, so not sure why that would help to configure to the container IPs.

I want to use container ip’s because the rancher network is available directly from my network because I use the rancher-vpn-server docker image.

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Just cross referencing this post being related to Rancher external DNS docker ip instead of rancher host – did a quick hack to enable this scenario listed there.