Rancher HA simplification (Rancher 2.4)

Hello there,

I’ve been reading the goals of the Rancher 2.4 (https://github.com/rancher/rancher/wiki/Rancher-2.4) and I’m curious how the HA simplification will work.

1- This simplification will be mandatory or optional ?

2- Traditional RKE K8S cluster will be kept supported ?

3- In case of a large cluster, this simplification will have a migration path or will require a full installation ?

4- What databases will be supported ? Will be same supported in Rancher 1.x (MySQL) ?

Looking forward to see this new features,


The scope of the feature has changed, for new installations k3s will be supported as a Rancher HA distribution. There will be no migration for existing installs initially. It will be an option in addition to RKE installations for new Rancher server control planes. The key benefit is simplified cluster operations because there is no etcd. A final list of supported DBs is still being worked out, but MySQL is a likely candidate. The management of the DB can be offloaded to something like RDS to simplify even more.

Migration from RKE to k3s will be supported in the future.