Version 2 : server high availability

i read that rancher 2.0 does not use mysql anymore

“Rancher server is now 100% written in Go and no longer requires a MySQL database.”

i have 3 physical servers

i would like to deploy rancher in HA (high availability mode), so i need rancher/server to be deployed on the 3 hosts

then after, the 3 hosts would also be rancher hosts, nodes to distribute work load

currently i can’t manage to have 3 rancher server (ui) available and recognizing as a cluster to avoid single point of failure

any hints / ideas on that ?

I haven’t tested it yet, and am not 100% clear on the process, but “Ability to launch Rancher as a deployment in Kubernetes to support HA” was added in v2.0.0-beta4.

Using RKE’s pluggable user addons, it’s possible to deploy Rancher 2.0 server in HA with a single command…

thanks for the reply, indeed i saw that during my search but was not sure i understood it correctly and no clues on the process neither

like when do i add the configmap with the addon and where for example

rereading the rke readme i guess i get it. before anything, on the linux machine i should config and run rke with the pluggable addon like described

i’ll test that