Rancher HA with nginx(8080) behind F5

Planning to create rancher HA environment in following way. Will it work?

a) Rancher containers(1.6.14) in two hosts with port 9345 open for cluster communication with self signed certificate CA
b) Two nginx containers in each hosts for SSL termination(self signed certificate) with port 8080 open
c) F5 load balancer listening on 443(SSL pass through) forwarding traffic to 8080 on both servers(nginx)
d) Here I didnt use --advertise-http-port while creating rancher container as we open 8080 in nginx container.

I will try to figure it out by creating it. However, if any of the rancher lab guys can answer a small question

is it okay to expose 8080 port on nginx instead of rancher container? I believe, only 9345 need to be exposed in rancher container to make the rancher HA cluster works. Any