Setup Rancher Server / Rancher LoadBalancer

I have set up Rancher Server(:8080) and Rancher Agent on one single Host with no problems. I added a LoadBalancer (through UI) which serves Services via Port 80 and another LB for TLS. After that i wanted to serve the Rancher Server via TLS and started an Nginx container which upstreams Port 443 and 80 to rancher-server:8080.

Now i cant use these ports to for the previous LoadBalancer setup. How can i use port 80 and 443 for the Rancher Server and for my Load Balancer based on requested Hostname. Am I missing something ? quite unexperienced with this stuff.


@tcdev0 it is not recommended to put rancher server and rancher agent on same host.
have the Rancher server on a distinct host running only the server and all the other hosts have one rancher agent.

after all, Rancher is meant for cluster management not single host management :slight_smile:

thanks for your reply. got a few more nodes now, problem solved :smiley: