Rancher Host Hostname changed


I have an “old” rancher (1.6.x) platform setup on 4 VMs with DNS names:

dev1, dev2, dev3, dev4.

Rancher server was installed on dev1 and all 4 VMs were used as rancher hosts.

Recently, I have to change these VMs’ DNS names to:

test1, test2, test3, test4.

Of course, from server UI, all 4 hosts are disconnected.

I wonder what the best practice to reconnect these 4 hosts with the rancher server?

I’d like to run the host registration url script again on all 4 hosts. Will this fix my problem?

If so, since rancher server is on dev1 (now test1), is there any negative impact if the registration is re-run on the host?

Thanks a lot!