Rancher kubernetes LB not reporting IP (Ec2)

Rancher info:
Rancher v1.1.3
Cattle v0.165.8.1
User Interface v1.1.12
Rancher Compose v0.8.6
Nodes docker version: 1.12.1

Set up a rancher and a kubernetes enviornment…everything seemed to work fine, as i am able to deploy.

I deployed the app “Ghost” from the catalog, and the application deployed, fine…however, the loadbalancer doesnt seem to return any external ip

kubectl get services

ghost-lb 80/TCP 18m
kubernetes 443/TCP 24m
mysql 3306/TCP 18m

when i ran

kubectl describe services

i can see that the load balancers are created…

I did the same set up via following k8s nginx tutorial: http://kubernetes.io/docs/user-guide/simple-nginx/

again same thing.

does rancher not support the IP being reported? I can access the LB, by going into the IP manually (by looking at infrastructure)

The same here with rancher 1.1.4

@christianhuening it seems the LB that kubernetes creates is via the AWS cli (i.e an elastic loadbalancer)