Rancher load balancer how configurable supports http2 procotol

I want to runable http2 protocol in rancher LB ,but I d’ot kown how configable.
Who can help me?
Thanks !!

I suggest you take a look at Traefik project (https://traefik.io). Although I haven’t used it myself yet, I know it has a great integration with Rancher and it definitely supports HTTP2.

but rancher use haproxy of default implement LB, I want to use haproxy .

The version of HAProxy Rancher ships with does not support http2.

We are about to change to rancher from ad hoc ubunto docker swarm using traefik and it works great as a http2 termination, including ssl with letsencrypts and auto configuration while deploying swarm stacks.
We will probably keep using it with rancher if possible.