Rancher NFS Caching


I started using Rancher a while back and I am very much a fan of Rancher, hopeing to see it in production at my workplace soon.

As I am benchmarking Rancher NFS right now, I saw that a Rancher NFS Volume is faster than attaching the volume directly to the host. I am using fio to benchmark with following .fio template: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/fbiaustria/d8eba08191b790524ed375d291c80b40/raw/09acd4d4dfef92cec7cdae3d3fe8cffed551cb1b/randread.fio

As there seems to be a NFS Cache (I think on the client side in the Docker container), does anybody know how to disable it for benchmarking?


I don’t anything about NFS caching, but this script is the entirety of Rancher’s interactions with NFS. Maybe it’ll help you