Rancher Nodes Adding Disks Possible PVS Issue

My Rancher nodes are built with CentOS7 and have various disk sizes for etc, workers, etc. However, not long after starting up, they begin to add new small disks, one after the other. This is running on VMware 6.7 servers.

Rancher: 2.4.5 & 2.5.7
k8s: 1.17.9

At first, I thought this might be entirely related to persistent volumes but I can see them being created in the kubevols directory on the datastore:

So my question is, what are these extra volumes being created because they flood screens with errors which will be in my last screenshot (sorry, the easiest way to show what’s going on) as I feel I must have something wrong in my setup, below is my cloudprovider and the error: cloud_provider:

name: vsphere
    scsicontrollertype: pvscsi
    insecure-flag: true
    soap-roundtrip-count: 0
    public-network: DHCP
      datacenters: Performance-Lab
      soap-roundtrip-count: 0
      user: administrator@vsphere.local
      password: <redacted>
    datacenter: Performance-Lab
    default-datastore: perfspeed01-DS
    folder: rancher-01
    server: www.vcenter.com

Here is the error flooding my screen: