Rancher 2.3 vsphere Cloud Provider Issues


I have just try Rancher 2.3 and created a new cluster and adding the cloud_provider setting in the yaml the same way I did it in Rancher 2.2.8
I am adding the cloud_provider at the bottom of the YAML file

  name: "vsphere"
  insecure-flag: true
  soap-roundtrip-count: 0
    datacenters: "CLOUD"
    soap-roundtrip-count: 0
    user: "administrator@vsphere.local"
    password: "MyPassword"
  datacenter: "CLOUD"
  default-datastore: "vsanDatastore01"
  folder: "Rancher"
  server: "myvc"

But for some reason rancher is not automatically deploying the PVC, I have tested this multiple times, and in 2.2.8 it works perfectly in 2.3 it’s not ?

Any help appreciated

Hey Guys,

I have now tried this in 2.3.2 and same issue the volume is not being created.

I’m having the same issue, tried many different methods of applying basic pvc, and pv to a vsphere cluster, and always get cloud provider not initialized properly