Rancher - OKE Driver

Hi, I am trying to connect to my existing OKE, I configured all the ID’s fine, but there are 2 problems I get.

  1. for new cluster, it get’s error 500, and doesn’t stop creating new VCN’s every 2 minutes.
  2. for existing cluster I received error 500.

From API:

  • },
  • “state”: “provisioning”,
  • “transitioning”: “error”,
  • “transitioningMessage”: “Service error:InternalServerError. An internal server error has occurred… http status code: 500. Opc request id: 1bd7854fb1dcb3f2214e1e66d69339f3/CD51CC83AEB9CD1F77A91CBC5F51B340/EE110B8BE51A47479B48E0D273321816”,
  • “type”: “cluster”,
  • “uuid”: “bea3d33e-de80-4d16-a301-09a9e729c651”,
  • “windowsPreferedCluster”: false

the same happens to me. any ideas???