Rancher openstack driver's operation is deleting keypairs in openstack


I have been working on provisioning hosts using rancher openstack driver.

Host provisioning was working well until I updated to last two versions of Rancher(Currently on v1.1.0-dev2, not sure about the previous version numbers, sorry).

Since my rancher updation, my success rate of provisioning host on openstack is zero.

In addition to that, the keypairs I have on openstack is also getting deleted when ever host provisioning is being failed by rancher.

I had this issue of keypair getting deleted on openstack icehouse and so I repeated the test with openstack kilo and same story repeats, my keypair is deleted.

Cloud anyone please tell whether you have faced this issue

Confirmed this issue. Had two keys in openstack and used one of the keys for rancher to provision VM. And only that particular key got deleted and the other key remained unaffected.

Will raise a ticket in github



Issue is with docker machine