Rancher OS installing on HETZNER

Hi to all,

have we got any successful information about installing coreOS on hetzner servers?

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Hi shakisha, did you find a solution to deploy rancherOs to hetzner Servers? Manually using a remote Console to mount the ISO would be possible, but I’m looking for a way via the hetzner rescue console.

+1 for this… did you find solution via the rescue console? thx

I don’t try it, but I think you can install qemu, download rancheros.iso and start a kvm session inside rescue console, with the iso as cdrom to install in physical disk.

+1. Would be very interesting how to handle it wirh raid1

Check out this issue. It’s definitely something we’re interested in adding to our automated installer, although anyone familiar enough with installing boot loaders could perform the installation manually.

What I found out, is that you can spin up a Host on the Hetzner cloud service with ubuntu. But when the Host is running you can go to “IMAGES” and choose CoreOS there (also rancherOS or Alpine, and some others). After a restart of the host, it should run on the choosen (CoreOS) one. I wrote them that they should include that in host creation process. Maybe some of you will write them too. Should not that problem to implement that in their infrastructure.

This would be awesome.